Prepare your child for the first visit to dentist

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February 22, 2018

Portrait of Mother and daughter brushing teeth in the bathroom

First thing to do is to talk to the child on importance of healthy teeth. Explain to the child why it is important to have strong and healthy teeth and why it is important to brush them every day.

Use an illustrated book to help you explain it through pictures.

Once you explained importance of teeth health, start with explaining who dentist really is and what he/she really does. Children can easily be frightened by medical uniforms and mouth masks, so it is important for them to get introduced to dentist’s role.

While describing, try to be as realistic as possible and leave trivialities and over exaggerating aside. Do not scare children that they will have to visit evil dentist, who will drill and take out their teeth, in case they do not brush their teeth regularly. Maybe you will make them brush their teeth this way, but you will make them have fear from dentist, which is hard to get rid of later on.

Child should come to dental chair when it is ready only. In the first examination, there is no need for the child to sit on this chair, since it is possible to have an examination while sitting on mother’s or father’s lap. Child can bring his favorite toy along in order to have additional sense of safety.

Dentist also explains to the child that an irregular tooth brushing is harmful so that, if child wants to defend its teeth from enemies, it has to eat healthy food and drink a lot of water.

Actually, fight with caries is similar to Superman fight with bad guys ?

If you have not been to the dentist yet, and your child almost has all its teeth, we kindly recommend it. Get rid of fear and be a role model to your child by making an appointment for yourself as well.

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