What to do when the babies start teething?

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February 14, 2019

Numerous parents might feel helpless as their baby start teething. Babies are too young to talk about their problems and parents are stressed out because of pain their kids go through. The main thing is to remember that everyone goes through teething and there’s actually a lot you can do to help make teething easier.

For starters, you have to know that first teethes usually appear around first six months of baby`s life and lasts for two years, but don`t be discouraged by this information, most of symptoms lasts shorter and in different period.

Most common symptoms your kid can expirience during teething include:

  • irritability,
  • putting everything in their mouth,
  • puffy gums,
  • drooling,
  • biting,
  • decreased appetite,
  • rubbing face and
  • ear pulling.

Symptoms aren`t pleasant for parents nor to children, but there are small tricks to help you reduce their anxiety.

Gum massage

According to researches pressure often helps with the pain and swelling of teething. You can reach in your baby’s mouth with a clean hand and gently massage the tender gums. This can be quite effective at reducing your baby’s discomfort.

Cold or frozen washcloth or plush teething toy

These can be dipped in breast milk or chamomile tea, kept cold in the fridge or frozen. Plush materials and fabrics are better than plastics because they are more malleable and softer. These are also machine washable and can be safely left with your baby.


Teething isn’t an indicator it’s time to stop breastfeeding. In fact, babies that are nursing after their teeth came in show less irritability.

Chilled food

Chilled food can offer your baby some relief and may make eating more successful. Though it may be counter intuitive offer completely soft foods aren’t always the best because pressure can be helpful when teething. Soft frozen fruits like bananas are for babies that are already eating solid foods and for those who are not fruit yogurts are recommended.

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