The Dental Center "MODENT1" is a place that will make you enjoy the beauty of your smile. Through the various groups of specialties and interventions, from those simplest / preventive, to those most complex, reconstructive procedures, we come to a common goal - perfectly healthy and beautiful teeth.

Based on a detailed clinical overview of this therapy proposal, along with all stages of therapy, we create a pro forma invoice that represents the definitive price of work.

This price list contains indicative prices, the final offer is created individually.
  • Removing dental calculus, blasting and polishing teeth (both jaws) 40-60 BAM
  • Composite filling 40-70 BAM
  • Glasajonomer filling 40-50 BAM
  • Extraction of baby teeth 10-20 BAM
  • Routine extraction of teeth 25-35 BAM
  • Extraction of impacted tooth 200 BAM
  • Endodontic treatment 100-150 BAM
  • Non-metal crown 400-600 BAM
  • Metal-keramic crown 170-250 BAM
  • Ceramic veneer 400-600 BAM
  • Esthetics fiberglass upgrade 80-140 BAM
  • Implant two-phase 1000-1400 BAM
  • Non-metal crown on the implant with the original superstructure 1000 BAM
  • Metalloceramic crown on the implant with the original superstructure800 BAM
  • Bleaching with a laser lamp 150-300 BAM
  • Fixed orthodontic device1200-1500 BAM
  • Mobile orthodontic appliance 300-400 BAM


  • A full day reservation is payable up to 15 days in advance
  • The advance payment for the start of prosthetic work is 40% of the total price
  • Withdrawal at any stage of the work does not include a refund